Advance PHP Tutorial for Beginners

Rasmus Lerdorf first created Hypertext Pre Processor that is PHP in 1994. With the flow of time comma PHP developed. In the beginning, a learner finds it difficult to learn a programming subject. But the PHP is designed in such a way that helps students to learn quickly. It is a learning language that is used to develop dynamic web pages.

• Why learn PHP?

PHP is an open-source scripting language.

There are various reasons to learn PHP –

• Easy to learn — As a beginner, it is very And that the program seems simple which PHP has. It is very simple and easy to learn. You just need to have basic knowledge about computers.

• Open source — PHP software and code are available everywhere on the web. Without paying in cost, you can develop the PHP components as the components are free to download.

• Security — Nowadays, due to the rise of cybercrime people are suspicious while learning something online. But PHP has various layers of security and prevents malicious attacks. It’s a secure language.

• PHP Tutorial

1. To start PHP type and then install PHP and webserver.

2. Next, as PHP is embedded with HTML, start with a ‘Hello’ to create a PHP script. Here you can see the changes.





<?php echo ”Hello!”;


It will change into -


3.You can see that is the commonly used PHP style tag.

PHP Tutorial for Beginners — Above, you got to know about the basics of PHP Tutorial script and moreover, you can use varied PHP style tags. After this, you can also run a script through your command.

Advanced PHP Tutorial — The advanced PHP computers of subjects to learn like Commenting PHP Code (single-line comments, — printing, etc.), Integrals, Doubles, Boolean, NULL, Strings, Variable Scope and Naming, and many more.

Wrapping up PHP is quite easy to learn the language. You just need to be aware of the program and have basic knowledge about computers.

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