Get the Fitness Wear You Need for Your 2022 New Year Resolutions

So you had your ‘new year new me’ moment this new years eve. We have all looked into the new year with aspirations to better ourselves. Beginning a fitness regimen is an excellent way to redefine yourself.

Chances are that the level of comfort you experience during your routine will determine how far you will push yourself or how long you will stick to your fitness regimen.

Workouts are goal-oriented and maintaining a regular routine takes patience and consistency. Believe it or not, what you wear while exercising can make a huge difference in your overall ability and experience. In this article we will explore the right types of activewear one should wear while working out.

There are a few basic rules when it comes to choosing the right type of gym wear. The clothes must be breathable, flexible and efficient in managing moisture. Good activewear that fits right can help you avoid injuries and strain. At Chkokko, we have a wide range of options that cover all types of fitness activities. When choosing appropriate workout clothes, start with these helpful tips.

  • Tops and Gym T-shirts

While working out, you want your clothes to be an advantage and not a liability. Choose tops that are breathable and light. Make sure you select a sweatshirt or gym t-shirt that fits you properly. Tops that are too loose can be a hindrance during the last few reps.

Another important point is moisture management. You are going to work up a sweat and the last thing you need is a soaking wet t-shirt during an intense session. Consider tops made of sweat-wicking materials that will allow your skin to breathe.

Tank tops are also a great option that offers maximum breathability while allowing the body to be flexible enough for any type of workout. Just make sure you have the right fit and fabric and you are good to go.

  • Shorts and Track Pants

The goal for bottoms is the same, wear flexible and durable clothing that wicks sweat and is light. They must offer a full range of motion. There are a few great options to consider. Gym shorts are lightweight, flexible and are an easy fit for almost every type of fitness activity. But make sure you don’t wear shorts that are more than an inch below your knees or shorts that are too loose around the legs as this will be a hindrance to your workout.

Some people prefer wearing leggings like track pants, yoga pants or tights. These are all great options. You can choose what to wear according to your personal preference. All three of these options offer durability, flexibility and comfort. Since they wrap tightly around your legs, they are not prone to some of the issues gym shorts can cause. But of course, you can’t beat the breathability of a pair of well-fitted shorts.

  • Winter Fitness Wear

If you find yourself beginning your fitness journey in the colder half of the year then we can help you pick fitness wear that will help you stay comfortable during your workout. The all-time favourite pieces of gym wear for winters are track pants and sweatshirts. A good hoodie can keep you warm while offering the flexibility and sweat management you need while doing an intense winter workout.

For outdoor workouts on windy days, nothing fits better than a windcheater to help you get through the session. Windcheaters keep the cold air out and are sweat-wicking. This further protects you from catching a cold because of wet clothing.

Working out during winters is challenging enough, having the right type of clothing can give you that extra sense of comfort that can inspire you to work out.

Chkokko offers a complete range of activewear options for men and women. We offer eye-catching designs that keep up with the latest fashion trends. For us, performance is key so you can rest assured that our activewear is of high quality and will fit a wide range of fitness routines.

With a rapidly growing online presence and an ever-growing list of customers, it’s safe to say that we are one of the best fitness wear brands to consider when looking for gym and fitness clothing.




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