,Go online with Digichal: Set up your own digital dukaan in minutes

What if I tell you that creating an online store is as easy as starting a digital khata business? Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself. All you have to do is download the DigiChal app and you get a digital khata app with the feature to create your own online store.

With the changing times, it’s imperative to change how you do business. To quote an example, let’s refer to the small mom-and-pop shops in your society. Their main business was from the local community where the shop existed. The business ran on goodwill and convenience. The definition of convenience has changed in the present times. Convenience for customers is being able to place an order at an online dukaan that delivers to their doorsteps. The convenience of not waiting on a call to place the order but clicking on a button on the phone and being able to place the order.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are often left behind when it comes to technological advancement. This is why the Digichal app aims to provide them with a cost-effective solution that provides the benefits of a digital khata app as well as a feature to create digital dukaan, absolutely free of cost.

How to go online with the DigiChal app?

In 3 easy steps, you will be able to convert your physical dukaan into an online store.

In the first step, you need to fill in the business details in the app. To start your store online, you must enter your business name and address. This helps to create an identity for your business when the customers start placing online orders with you.

The second step in creating digital dukaan online is to add items to your menu. You can create an online menu in the app that the customers will refer to while placing their orders. The menu will help the customer select the item they wish to purchase and at the same time learn the price and other details of the item. Digichal offers a readymade menu option. You can add items using the readymade catalog or manually add items that you wish to sell.

The third and last step is to create and share the online dukaan link with your customers. Once you click on the button a store link will appear on your screen. You can WhatsApp or message the link to your customers. Using the link they will be able to place orders with you.

The moment any customer places an order in the app, you will get an instant notification on the digital dukaan online. The customer is asked to enter their contact details along with their order, which is visible to you in the app. The greatest benefit of the app besides being simple and easy to use is that you can receive money for the orders without paying any commission to Digichal.

What are you still waiting for? Download the app and go digital for free. Convert your old bahi khata using the digital khata app feature and convert your physical store into an online dukaan using the online store feature.




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sanjeev kumar

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