JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners : A Complete Guide

Introduction to JavaScript

Features of JavaScript:

  • It is not related to Java and is a Scripting Language. It was originally known as Mocha, then as LiveScript, and finally as JavaScript.
  • JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that allows for polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance.
  • JavaScript can be run not only in the browser, but also on the server and on any device that has a JavaScript Engine.

JavaScript Frameworks

  • AngularJS — It is a web development framework developed by Google that provides a set of modern development and design features for rapid application development.
  • ReactJS — Another top JavaScript framework primarily maintained by Facebook, ReactJS is behind the User Interface of Facebook and Instagram, demonstrating its efficiency in maintaining such high traffic applications.
  • MeteorJS — It is primarily used for back-end development. One of the key concepts behind Meteor is the use of JavaScript on the back end to save time and build expertise.
  • jQuery — This is useful when you want to extend and make your website more interactive. jQuery is used by companies such as Google, WordPress, and IBM.

Benefits of JavaScript

  • It is simple to learn and apply.
  • JavaScript is a client-side programming language that is extremely fast.
  • It has a diverse set of frameworks, including AngularJS and ReactJS.
  • This is used to create visually appealing, interactive websites.
  • It is a programming language that is platform agnostic.




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