Laravel 8 Tutorial for Beginner: Create your First To-Do App


  • HTML/CSS (Of course!)
  • Basic PHP knowledge is required.
  • Intermediate PHP — Although this is somewhat optional, if you have the time, understand some intermediate concepts such as PHP OOP, abstraction, and so on.
  • Perseverance — Basic understanding of the MVC Framework Even while Laravel is simple to learn, it will put your patience to the test at times. At the very least, I ran into some difficulties because I knew PHP but had no experience with frameworks. Even while I was studying the framework and successfully completing projects, I was perplexed by the MVC Framework’s core underlying notions. I didn’t give up, though.
  • C’mon, web building is enjoyable! At the very least, Laravel made it fun. It’s best to take your time and enjoy the learning process.
  • The online app allows you to register and login.
  • You may add things to your to-do list, as well as edit and delete them.
  • Because your list is only available to you, it uses email id and password authentication.

Exploring Directory Structure

  • Models describe database entities and assist you in querying and returning data from the database.
  • Views are the pages that will appear when the app is opened. The View Component is used to create the application’s user interface.
  • Controllers manage user requests, pulling data from models and passing it to Views. Controllers conduct business logic and incoming requests as an intermediate between Model and View Components.




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