PHP Functions

  • The function defined by the user
  • built-in function
  • It enables top-down modular programming.
  • The program’s length has been shortened.
  • Once written, it can be used at any time.
  • Working with user-defined functions necessitates the usage of two key components.
function function_name([parameters]){Statements to be executed;[return value;]}
function_name([Parameters if Any]);Whenever you wish to run a specified function, you must call it with the appropriate arguments, and if the function returns a value, you must save the result. Let's have a look at a basic example.For Ex.<?phpfunction Display()//function Definition{echo "Hello DiscussDesk<br>";}Display();//function callDisplay();?>As you can see from the example, we first built a function named Display(), which accepts no parameters and has no return value. Later in our software, we invoked the Display() method twice, which executed the code twice.
Hello DiscussDeskHello DiscussDeskFunction returning valueTo return a value, add a return statement at the conclusion of the function body. The following is an example of this.For Ex.<?phpfunction sum($a,$b){$c=$a+$b;return $c;}echo "10 + 20 =".sum(10,20)."<br>";echo "10.30 + 20.30 =".sum(10.30,20.30)."<br>";?>Output10 + 20 = 3010.30 + 20.30 = 30.6So, to summarize, in this session, we learned what php function is. Also covered is how to use a user-defined function in PHP.




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