React JS Tutorial for Beginners | What is React JS and Why use React JS?

  • It’s a markup language used to make web pages and documents.
  • Tags for Beginners:
  • It’s in charge of the website’s appearance and feel.
  • You can apply styling to HTML items that you’ve selected.

3, JavaScript

  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Functions
  • Control Flow Statements
  • DOM Manipulation
  • DOM Events
  • Closure
  • Prototype
  • OOPs

Why use React JS?

We can move on to the next level of the React JS tutorial now that you know what React is and why we utilise it.

Single Page Application

Multiple server requests were sent with multiple reloading in the traditional system. This resulted in lower performance, increased bandwidth, and increased processing time. Single-page apps, on the other hand, make only one request to the server, and the server responds as the data is re-written.


JavaScript XML is abbreviated as JSX.



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